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Healthy Starts Here

Traditional Chinese Medicine treats patients holistically,
focusing on physical, mental, and spiritual wellness

Meet Yuan Peng

Yuan Peng is the founder of Akupeng acupuncture clinic in Aalborg. She is a TCM acupuncturist professionally trained at one of the best schools in Denmark for traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture.

After studying acupuncture for more than 4 years both in China and Denmark, she opened her own acupuncture clinic. Her goal is to help clients achieve a balance between mind and body with the least number of treatments, in the most economical way and with the best service.

In her practice, she has primarily focused on treating the cause of a problem, rather than only the symptoms.

You can rely on Yuan Peng for a holistic diagnosis, an optimized treatment strategy, and a satisfying result.

Our Specializations

We have successfully treated various types of pain, stress, anxiety, depression, weakened immune system, headaches, sleep problems, allergies, osteoarthritis, tinnitus, irritable bowel syndrome, infertility and more.


Acupuncture is recognized as a leading treatment for all kinds of pain relief.

Give it a try, even if you have struggled with some strange moving pain for over ten years just like one of our clients. 


We treat allergies with a focus on boosting the immune system, instead of just treating symptoms. This will lead to extensive long-term health benefits.

Sleep disorder

Acupuncture can give you peace of mind that benefits your sleep. By breaking the vicious cycle, we can re-establish your mind-body balance and allow your insomnia to fade away.

Headaches and migraines

Acupuncture and other TCM methods can effectively relieve headaches and migraines without the side effects that medications can cause.

Depression & Stress 

Have a comprehensive diagnosis with us. We can help you move forward and teach your body to let go of inappropriate reaction through effective acupuncture treatment.

Smoking cessation

Stop to smoke can be a challenge! Use acupuncture to release the cravings for your next cigarette. Acupuncture is an effective method to help you quit smoking without side effects. 

What patients say

“I strongly recommend Yuan. She is so sympatic and competent, you really feel in good hands. Was treated for stress symptoms and trouble sleeping. I will definately go back if it gets necessary again.”

Allan Larsen - Dronninglund

"To Balance is to Heal.

To Harmonize is to Regulate.

The needle and herb can Harmonize and Heal any sickness"

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Practical information


  • About parking: You can park for free outside the clinic or a little further down the road. If you park in front of the clinic, please park diagonally so that there is room for several cars.

  • Public transport: The nearest bus stop is number 14, about 300 meters from the clinic.

  • Whether you need to bring bed linen:No, disposable bed linen is provided free of charge at the clinic.

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